Gotta write


I’ve been saying it over and over: I’ve got to start a blog.  It’s not for anyone else.  It’s for me.  It’s just a way to help me get it all down, to get it out of my head, to let it go.  Yes, it’s my “pensieve.”  Hopefully, I’ll see some patterns emerge from all the memories I extract from my grey matter.

So, what was the kicker?  What made it happen?  Was it frustration with my parents?  Was it a brilliant experience as a mother?  A wife?  A dog owner?  A cat-owned-by?  No.  Just a change of diet.  Oh, heavens above how I loathe that word… diet.  You know the first part is die.  It’s truly a death.  A death to unhealthy habits?  One can only hope. 

And the diet is?  Well, it’s just wishful thinking.  I heard from a coworker about Tim Ferriss’s
menu for weight loss, and I looked it up.  I figured… might as well, you know?  It’s not as though what I’ve done up till now is working. 

So, the plan is thus: a slow carb diet.  Okay, so it’s almost completely opposite what I would normally gravitate toward.  Eek! I just used the word “gravitate” to describe myself! Aren’t planet-sized objects just about the only things that are supposed to generate their own gravity? Yikes!  Basically, it’s proteins – beef, chicken, pork, and eggs.  Okay, and I added in fish, because I feel unbelievably pampered when I eat salmon – vegetables, and legumes (as in, beans, lentils, and um, beans). 

That’s it: protein, vegetables, and legumes. 

Oh, man, this is going to be hard.  No rice?  No macaroni?  No couscous?  No spaghetti?  No warm french bread?  This had so better be worth it!

Bless me, diet, for I have sinned:

Today – rocky start – I stayed last night at a friend’s house, and she promised the girls McDonald’s for breakfast.  So, I could have had just eggs, but yeah, no, I shared the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes! with my daughter.  She had the hotcakes, and I had the biscuit, sausage, and eggs… and a bit of the hashbrowns. 

Lunch – much better! – I grabbed a chicken ceasar salad from Costco, skipped the ceasar dressing, and threw on some ranch-style beans instead.  (Bonus – those salads are so big, it will also be lunch tomorrow!)

Snack – a 35 calorie rainbow popsicle.  Honestly, it would have melted if I hadn’t put it out of its misery.  The poor little thing.

Dinner – Grilled Salmon with madras lentils (sounds and looks like goo from under a wet rock, but was actually delicious), broccoli and carrots.  Now, if you plan to start a diet, always do it with salmon.  It’s so hard to feel martyred when you fork into a salmon filet. 

And, just to make life that much more fair, everyone else had Girl Scout cookies after dinner.  That’s right: Lemonades, Shout Outs!, Thin Mints.  Me?  For dessert, I started a blog.


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  1. You’re here! For real! I already love your blog, despite your lack o’ bready goodness. 🙂 I shall endeavor not to post much about bread on my blog, just for solidarity. Okay. Love you. Bye-bye!

    • Amusingly enough, today I bought french bread for the girls, and I was not tempted by it… much. ;0) No, feel free to extoll the virtues of hot, fresh, deliciously crusty bread. I will enjoy the memory of bread for now.

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