Laundry, singing blueberries, and other signs of the apocalypse


My 7 year-old says to me today, “Mommy, I really think we should spend some time today doing laundry, not just fun stuff.”  And that was only one sign that today was not your typical Monday.

Having President’s Day off almost made up for getting to sit in painfully tedious meetings on Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  On the atypical side, I got to read the paper (not just half of the comics), walk the dog, get laundry and dishes done, and brave Wal-mart for shopping (which was strangely empty today).  I also managed to wave a fond farewell to a hefty chunk of change at the Borders going out of business sale, loading up on books for the kids.  And on our way home tonight, there was no traffic.  Zero!  Definitely the end of the world.

Food highlights of the day?  Steak and eggs with asparagus spears for breakfast.  Can I say how much I really adore asparagus spears in warm egg yolk?  The presentation of the asparagus’s green in contrast with the white and yellow of the eggs always puts me in mind of the ritzy hotels.

For lunch, I fell on the rest of that chicken caesar salad from yesterday, topped off with a handful of forbidden fruit… blueberries.  After a day and a half of no sugar, I could feel the blueberries singing in my mouth with each bite.  It was so strange, but just a few days ago, those last blueberries had seemed so tart, and today they were unbelievably sweet.

Snack – hot turkey sausage links and cold, crisp carrots.  Strange combination, but it sure worked.

Dinner was a masterpiece, and I can only be grateful that I get to take leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.  I cubed boneless pork chops and grilled them in a dash of olive oil with a splash of Worcestershire sauce, throwing in peeled and cubed butternut squash, a small mountain of dried cranberries, and a liberal shake of cinnamon.  Oh, ambrosia.  If it really was the apocalypse, this would be the entrée on which to end it all.  To round out the meal, dark red kidney beans, steamed zucchini, and yellow squash all made a colorful appearance.

If I could only focus on that last meal, the whole day is put into a rosy perspective, and I can forget all the frustrations and release the mental poisons of dealing with… well, all the stuff I’m sure I will get to eventually.  After all, it’s only day 2.


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  1. Your diet sounds tasty. Mmm. Eggs. I have to rethink my diet, as apparently I am more in need of health than I thought. A nice warm egg diet sounds just the thing.

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