Generally Good Health


So, other than a horrendous bout of strep throat this week, I’m generally in good health.  My bone density is good, my blood pressure is normal, my flexibility is great, my strength is good, and my oxygen exchange rate (or whatever) is on the fair side of good.

The only thing I really need to work on according to the measurements is my BMI, and I’m already working on that. 

It’s just nice to have it in writing that you know what you need to do – and that the rest of you is working well enough that you can meet your goals.

Felt pretty good to be able to tell the personal trainer about my meal plan and have her say, “Yeah, that’s the advice I would normally give someone.”  To top that off, the health magazines I’ve been reading lately, along with articles in the newspaper, have all extolled the virtues of eating a diet which focuses on protein, legumes, and vegetables, even going so far as to praise the lentil.

Really.  Praise the lentil.  Apparently, though they taste like dirt (the clear sign that something is really good for you), lentils are some kind of awesome power food, especially if you soak them enough to let them begin to sprout – which is what I’ve been doing.

Today is my crazy eating day – and I’ve had some fun with it.  Rice Krispies with sugar for breakfast, a sandwich with actual bread, a Snicker’s bar, ice cream, pizza, and even cake!  We’ll see if I wind up paying for the day of indulgence. 

Speaking of indulgences, I’m going to indulge myself by sharing my personal fitness goals – 1) increase upper body strength (esp. to the point where I can do a real pull-up)

2) increase stamina and endurance

3) reduce inches around hips

To those ends, I will be focusing on some free-weight training and quite a bit of cardio.  I even went swimming yesterday at the gym, really stretching and using those arm muscles. 

It felt rewarding getting a good bill of health from the various tests, but it will feel so much better when I improve upon my current standings.


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  1. I imagine the scale won’t be nice after ice cream, pizza and snickers, but from time to time we need to indulge ourselves.

    Thin people indulge, they just know how to moderate after they go crazy. Or they have those HIGH metabolism genes and stuff their face but never gain weight. I’d like to toss those people off a bridge. 😀

    Good luck with the goals.

    The Grumpy Man

    • Yes, today is a test of the meal plan theory that you can have a crazy day. I’ll see how it all works, but so far it’s been very good for my own slow-as-caramel metabolism. Tomorrow it’s back to the regimen. Thanks for the support!

  2. Yay for being generally healthy! That’s awesome news! 🙂 I’m glad you’re able to find time to work out, too.

    I love having crazy food days! Nick and I have those built into the weekly schedule, either Friday or Sunday nights. Indulgent food + a glass of wine = Good for the soul. 🙂

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