Five Weeks And 11 Pounds


Four days in a row this week, I’ve consistently lost weight for a net loss of 3.9 pounds.  This week!  Monday – gained .9 pounds; Tuesday – lost .7 pounds; Wednesday – lost 1.3 pounds; Thursday – lost 1.3 pounds; and today – lost 1.5 pounds.     

 So, what’s working? 

 Walking the dog.  First thing in the morning, I chug a half glass of OJ and take the dog for a walk.  Depending on how many times I’ve mashed the snooze button, we’ve got time for a mile (around the block).  A couple of days, it’s been ½ mile, and today was a brisk ¼ mile jog.  Also, in the afternoon, I try to walk him.  Well, except that hasn’t really worked out this week what with the Diorama of Doom.  (Really?  Assigning a diorama to a 1st grader?  What, do they just want to see how well the parents can do on a diorama after all these years, because that’s basically what they got.)

 The Wii.  It’s got a scale built into it, and it remembers all of my data.  This one is problematic because I have to do this when the kids are asleep or they bug me to get in on it, and the Wii Fit is not set up as a multi-player sort of thing.

 Group exercise.  I’m motivated by having other people tortured simultaneously.  Seriously, though, I’m motivated by having someone else there to keep me going, to keep me trying to push through to the end. 

 Personal trainer.  I know I only get a few “free” sessions, but the one session I had so far has shown me that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and that I can do more than I initially thought.  I would never have challenged myself to try to get on the balance board and do squats while lifting a weight over my head.  Also, I need someone to watch me to see when I’m not doing it right and give me instant correction.  Lastly, it’s good to have someone to impress.  Sounds superficial, I know, but it still feels good.

 Blogging.  It feels really good to be writing.  I feel more alive than I have in almost a year.  It’s as though I’ve rediscovered an essential part of me that has been under a layer of sediment.  If only I could write and do art most of the time.  I think I would have achieved nirvana.

 What’s not working?

 Stress.  Job, finances, kids, parents, puppy, house, marriage, and self-image.  I know how to juggle, but I’ve only gotten to the point where I can keep three balls in the air, and that only for maybe 20-30 seconds. 

 Lack of sleep.  I need to get up early enough to walk the dog, cook breakfast (NO to raw eggs, thank you!), and get dressed and primped for work.  I don’t get the kids in bed until 8-8:30, even with the best of efforts, and then I have been feeling wired after that.  It probably doesn’t help that I want to stay up to watch Jon Stewart.  So I’m getting maybe six hours a night, which is not exactly optimal.

But, hey, some things in life are just not going to work well – I guess they put the “fun” in dysfunctional.  For the rest, I’m looking forward to fitting into my clothes again!


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