Spring Break


I enjoyed my Spring Break. 

I mean I really enjoyed my Spring Break.  I totally went off the meal plan – which is kind of ironic since I had only made the menu to last up until the start of Spring Break.

I had funnel cakes, cotton candy, McDonald’s french fries, and all sorts of random stuff.  I didn’t worry about it, because I was on break. 

I wasn’t looking forward to the weigh-in on Monday.  However, I got up and turned on the Wii and stared down the green circle of doom.  I gained 4.2 pounds in eight days. 

That was okay. 

I know that the average person gains 3 pounds over Thanksgiving alone, and they don’t get to have funnel cakes and cotton candy!

So, I buckled down and got back on the meal plan.  In two days, the scale shows that I’ve trimmed back down 2.4 pounds.  Now, would doing this all the time be healthy?  No, of course not.  That would be yo-yo weight loss, and that would be self-defeating.

But what made it worthwhile was not worrying about trying to stay on my meal plan when I was going ot be out of town, in an RV, and who knows what else. 

The sheer freedom of not worrying about what I was going to eat or trying to find food that fit the meal plan was worth having a minor setback in trimming down.

Sheer cost/benefit analysis.

Now the tricky part for me was sticking on the meal plan at night when I was really stressed by family drama.  I just wanted to eat retaliation foods, but I knew that I didn’t need to punish myself by eating something I’d later regret. 

My solution?  I made myself a Muscle Milk shake by combining a Muscle Milk, crushed ice, and a banana.  Not only did that satisfy the desire for something sweet, but also filled me up so that I literally wasn’t hungry or able to eat or drink anything else for the duration of the craving.

So, Spring Break was good.  I was able to relax, play around, and return ready to focus on the goal.


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