When Peanut Butter is Crack


Peanut butter really is crack cocaine. 

Tonight, I desperately wanted some desert.  I popped a few Brasil nuts.  Yummy, but not enough.  I looked in the pantry, and I saw the Skippy, so I gnabbed a spoon and dug in. 

Okay, I’m not an expert on illicit pharmaceutical use, but I’ve heard that when you go off a drug for a while, especially one to which you have developed some level of tolerance, that the first hit back on it is overpowering.  That’s exactly what happened with the peanut butter.

The first lick, and I nearly choked.  It was too sweet.  Peanut butter?  Too sweet?  Yup and yup. 

This weekend I had gone and bought almond butter – unsweetened, unsalted, un-anythinged almond butter from Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  The first taste of that was almost bitter, but it was, for lack of a better word, nutty.  It was kind of pleasant.  This evening, before my meeting, I snacked on some raw almonds so I wouldn’t go postal in the two-hour gab, and then I realized on my way home that I had a church meeting, pushing dinner back an extra hour and a half.  I zipped in the house, grabbed a tablespoon, and scooped out some almond butter to tide me over.  The brown goo was starting to grow on me, and it sure helped me turn down the petite quiche (my favorite!), lemon bites, and little raspberry tartlets served at the church meeting.  When I got home, I had some salmon jerky (apparently my husband was afraid the salmon would be undercooked, so he opted for… umm… a thoroughly cooked approach), some overcooked mushy carrots (do you sense a pattern here?), some black beans from a can (not overcooked), and some formerly frozen peas.

Then later I got desert-hungry.  You know the feeling.  You know you aren’t really hungry, but you want something extra.  You just want something to top it all off, to treat yourself to something sweet. 

Enter the moment of near gag.

I had no idea how sweet peanut butter can be!  To say the least, it was an education.  After that nutty, rich goodness from the almond butter, and the clean, crisp crunch of the Brasil nuts, the extra sugar added in the peanut butter hit with one heck of a punch. 

It’s funny, but when I was accustomed to eating things with sugar in them, I didn’t really appreciate how sweet foods are naturally.  Now, it’s almost overwhelming.  I should probably admit that on Saturday, my crazy eat-anything-day, I made myself a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and peanut butter (It’s like having Reese’s ice cream – but better), and I couldn’t finish it.  I could hardy even swallow the second bite.  I just put the whole thing back in the freezer, hoping that I would be hungry for it later that night.  Never happened.


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  1. If you like peanut butter, you might want to try the organic, all-natural kind with no added sugar. I got some for my mom when she was in the hospital and found I really enjoyed it – especially on apples! It’s a tasty treat! 🙂

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