The Diet Tax


Ever try grabbing something quick to eat when you’re trying to follow a diet?  I quickly realized that the cheap food is sugar and carbohydrates.  The stuff you actually want to eat is both a) hard to find and b) at least three times the price.

It’s as though you’re paying a whole new tax for trying to go healthy.  Today was a perfect example of this for me.  Through poor planning and awful time management, I ate out three times today.  Yes, all major meals.  Finding food that met my nutritional goals?  Now that was a challenge.

I am proud to say that I managed to leave food on my plate – all the tortillas from my lunch.  I love tortillas, but I looked on them as if they were the enemy today, and I stood firm against them. 

I also avoided the appreciation desserts today, too.  I knew that simply avoiding the room that held the desserts would help because then I wouldn’t have to deny myself something.  Besides, I know that on my crazy day this week I’ll have a chewy praline from El Fenix.  That’s worth waiting for.

I braved the Wii again tonight, and it still showed no change – which I interpret as perfectly okay.  That means to me that I’m losing fat and increasing muscle at an even rate.  Doesn’t matter if I have no real evidence to back this up.  I just know it’s true.  I also know that I will start to see a weight shift when I get back to drinking water.  I realized that I will drink water at work if I bring bottled water.  Otherwise, the water at work tastes like soap.  So tonight I bought myself a case of bottled water.  I know that the eco-freaks out there will have a hissy fit, but that’s a blow I’ll gladly take to tip the scales.

Tomorrow, I’ll not have to worry about eating out.  I’ll get up early enough to cook breakfast.  I’ve already packed my lunch, and I don’t have some weird function or errand that will keep me out past dinner time.  Sounds pretty promising.


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  1. Yay for staying sane on a crazy day! 🙂 You did better than I did. I was fine, then gave in to the sugar cravings in the evening. *sigh* SUGAR. It’s evil.

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