Vanilla Mousse Cake and Assorted Temptations


It is so good to know that tomorrow is my cheat day.  It’s probably the only thing that kept me going today. 

At work, they brought in platters of Subway sandwiches, chips, and vanilla mousse filled white sheet cake, as well as about six other types of desserts.  What did I eat?  The half chicken breast, black beans, and fresh spinach I’d brought from home.  I told myself that if there was any cake left, I could take it home and have it tomorrow.  (I actually did bring 3 pieces home – one each for the girls and my husband.  I abstained.)

Tonight, I started baking cookies for my an over-the-hill cake I’m making for a friend.  She works in a library, so my idea was to make a book cart out of cereal treats and fill its shelves with 40 cookie books.  The only thing standing between me and eating some of those cookies – or the dough – was knowing that tomorrow I can indulge. 

Delaying gratification has never been a problem for me, so this system is working.  I know I could break and have something, but I will enjoy it so much more on my cheat day.  I also know that the “one little thing” here and there each day that sounds so tempting really does make a substantial hit over the course of the week against my overall progress and goal.

But gosh it was hard today.

Tonight, I whipped out the almond butter for that last “fill-me-up” sensation.  It blunted the sharp-clawed snacking demon and will probably help me sleep better, too.

Been drinking Perrier tonight.  It’s my way of convincing myself I’m actually having soda.  It is carbonated, so it’s not too hard of a sell.  It’s not that I am disallowing myself soda, but I am trying to curtail somewhat.  I drank a lot of unsweet tea and water today, so I do feel as though I accomplished something to that end. 

I’m just not counting the Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic right after work, because that was medicinal.


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