Success is Sweeter Than Cake


Cakes made this week: 4.

Cookies made this week: 42.

Marshmallow treats made this week: 2 large pans – let’s call it 60.

Batches of homemade frosting made this week: 3.

And the worst part was that none of it was ready on my crazy-eat-anything day!  I’ve had it smirking at me all week.  I decided to abstain from the sweets on the principle that perhaps it would pay off.

It has.

From clothes fitting better to a lower BMI and weight (and the little happy flowers on the Wii), it has paid off, and man, is that SWEET.

Have I been starving myself?  No.  Have I been depriving myself?  Again, no.  On the other hand, I have been delaying gratification.  I’m saving some goodies for this weekend.

Diary of progress:

I’ve kept up with the ice packs on my neck and trapezius, and that icing-down had actually made it easier to fall asleep quickly, as well as just feeling good.

I’ve continued with a glass of red wine at night, which absolutely tickles my husband, as he thought I would never ever intentionally drink red wine – which he loves.

I’ve started the kettlebell swing exercises, and I can already feel some benefit.  I’ve gone back to the gym and warmed up by jogging 1/4 mile before stretching and lifting.  I like keeping the gym time short, because it feels like less of a waste of my day.  If the 4-Hour Body proves true, there’s no reason to spend just tons of time when a little time will give you nearly all the same benefit.

I’ve had a hard time controlling snacking, which I think is triggered by stress and not packing enough vegetables into my meals.  I’ve tried to handle that with a protein bar, a Muscle Milk, and nuts or almond butter.  I want to work on that a bit more, because I know if I’m eating well at each meal, I shouldn’t need to snack.  Of course since it’s stress-triggered, I should probably just be patting my back that I haven’t been gorging on retaliation foods, even though the temptation for that has been unbelievably strong.

I’ve also had a hard time getting up early.  I just don’t want to get up in the morning.  I want to hit the snooze and try for more sleep.  I don’t know if I need to get to bed earlier or change some other habit, but it’s annoying to not have that cushion of time in the morning.


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