Prehypertension? Really? I mean, really?


Okay, I don’t get it.  I really, truly do not understand this.  Apparently I have developed higher blood pressure.  It’s like 139/87.  What?  I’ve never, I repeat, never been that high before, not even during pregnancy, if I recall correctly.

So, concerned about this latest development, I come home to do a little research on causes for high blood pressure.

  • Smoking – No
  • Being overweight or obese – Yes, which is why I’m losing weight. But WHY would my blood pressure go UP when my weight goes DOWN?
  • Lack of physical activity – No
  • Too much salt in the diet – Not only no, but hell no right now.
  • Too much alcohol consumption (more than 1 to 2 drinks per day) – No. See above.
  • Stress – Yes, but not the crazy kind right now.
  • Older age – No
  • Genetics – Yes, but why NOW when not any time before?
  • Family history of high blood pressure – Yes, but the rest of them are morbidly obese and have a case of stupid.
  • Chronic kidney disease – No
  • Adrenal and thyroid disorders – No, and because of family history, I’ve had this checked often.

So, to sum up – I’ve developed something which has hitherto not been a problem.  This is crazy.  When I weighed nearly 100 pounds more (seriously, nearly 100 pounds), my blood pressure was nowhere near that high.  When I ate lots of crap, my blood pressure was reliably lower. I am not about to advocate eating lots of crap.  There must be another answer.

I just don’t know.  My current philosophy is that I just need to keep on track and see if it settles down once I reach my goal weight.

On the other hand, the rational thinking hand, maybe it’s just because I’ve been fighting off an eye infection and drinking coffee.  I can give up caffeine if I must, and I think I’ll go ahead and make the sacrifice to ditch the eye infection.

So, okay, my family (which here only includes parents & older siblings), who eats nothing but salt, sugar, and grease, and who moves at about the rate and agility of a grounded tree sloth, has high blood pressure.  So right there I’ve got the family history and the genetics, but I wonder why it’s showing up now.

Is it the stress?  Is it the diet?  If it’s the stress, well, I don’t think that’s going to go away any time soon, but I can try meditation and different exercise.  And with the stress, I’ve kind of come to peace with a lot of things.  It still could be.  I think I’m wound a little tight right now on some issues, to be honest.  If it’s the diet, I’m not giving up the only thing that’s worked to reduce my weight.  As I said earlier, I am loathe to change that until I reach my goal.

Okay, so my goals will be to increase meditation time, fight off my eye infection, reduce caffeine, and increase exercise.  Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

I’ll keep ya’ posted.


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  1. I’d say it’s both stress and diet. The diet alone is enough of a shock to the system that it will increase blood pressure before your system gets used to the regular intake of the superfoods you are eating, and reacts to those to lower it again. If you’re stressing about the diet or weight: added bonus! :/

    Also – and I say this from personal experience here – it’s most likely the clean-up phase after the drama llama caught dysentery and projectiled & poo’d all over your living room…and kitchen…and dining room…and ceiling (anyway, you get the idea.)

    I regularly slather the balm of peace on my brain as a survival mechanism. I don’t want to be the angry-frustrated-angry-sad-angry-depressed-angry-bitter-angry-hatefilled-angry-repressed-angry-disillusioned-angry-vengeful-angry-disappointed (oh, and did I mention angry?) person all the time. That’s just no fun to kick around in my own head, much less in social situations, and keeping that in will cause all manner of delightful illnesses…and make your eyes spring leaks at inopportune moments.

    Rarely, I’ve found, do the stresses of the immediate situation cause problems which manifest right away. During the height of my world coming down, I didn’t have blood pressure issues (though I do now). The body seems to go into “safe mode” during these crises so that you don’t have to worry so much about regular operations, freeing you to focus on the impending doom. However, in the grand comedic stylings that our physicality so often provides, the come-down from the ‘splodey, toxic mushroom cloud of stress reverts the body’s programming from safe mode to “schoolyard at recess”, playing hide-and-seek with the fallout of stressy-bits floating around: (ready or not, here I come!) That is when the real hilarity ensues as the ravages of stress begin to show in the weirdest ways. Good times, good times. o.O

    • I. LOVE. THE. WAY. YOU. WRITE. Love it. “Drama llama!” Exactly.
      Well, putting it into that perspective, it makes a lot more sense. The body does go into survival mode and delay reactions. I know. I live it. I just was bummed that it was happening to my blood pressure. (sad face)
      On the positive side, I’ve decided to be a little less militant with my diet, and it’s still working.
      The crazy thing to me is that the things that are stressful aren’t really that important in the grand scheme of things. I just manage to build a mountain out of molehills. (Perspective again, my dear!) I guess when you look from the ground up, things seem insurmountable, but when you look from the top down, you see a clear path and can see which pitfalls to avoid. Hmm… that’s profound. See? You inspire me. 🙂

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