Carb Buzz


Saturday night, I was buzzing like you would not believe.  It was that flying-in-your-head feeling you get from a good margarita.  And here’s the strangest part – I had consumed no alcohol.

No, in fact, all I’d had were amazingly delightful corn tortilla chips from On the Border with their zesty salsa.  And I was flying!  I don’t think I could have walked a straight line.  And I think it was all the carbs.

I’d given myself permission for one night to go a little crazy and just not worry about the plan, because I now know how to do damage control.  So, when my husband wanted to go out to On the Border for our date night, I wasn’t about to ruin it with my diet.  Granted, I did order a salad, but I ate chips.  And chips.  And, because they didn’t bring out our order for like 45 minutes, I ate more chips.  And they were good.  They were addictive.  And 20 minutes into eating all these “forbidden” carbs, I was higher than a kite!

Now, if I’d had a margarita, I would have expected this, but to all of the sudden be buzzing was a bit startling.  The only explanation (other than someone having spiked our salsa) was that the carb high was really a carb high.  It was unbelievable and a teeny bit scary to think that one type of food can do that after many days of abstinence.  It also made me wonder what carbs really do in the body, and try to add in that piece to my understanding of my weight issues.

Now, my friend and I had already talked about how being on a carb-restricted diet actually curbs your appetite.  We realized that when we were basing our meals on carbs, we were hungrier, we ate more, we didn’t feel as satisfied, and we stayed hungrier all day.  Switching to protein and vegetables, we satisfy faster, have discrete instances of hunger (when I’m hungry now, it is of limited duration), we eat less, and we have more energy.  I just wonder what it really is that the carbs do to the body.

I’m not saying that I want to permanently cut out carbs.  I want to reintroduce them when I reach my goal, mainly because I enjoy so many of them, but now I’m really wondering what sorts of hijinks they get up to with a person’s metabolism.



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  1. You are just too very funny for words.

    I really think that I would starve to death without carbs. There is no way on God’s green earth that you can convince me that eating 2-3 pounds of meat a day is healthy. Also it’s gross. 😦 So it’s carbs and veggies for me!

    I will be fat forever. Fortunately no one seems to care.

    • The 2-3 pounds of flesh is only for 3 days. After that, it’s a total of 8 oz. all day. Eating the meat changes your body’s chemistry with shock. Then it’s prepared to flush out all the salt and water weight and then start attacking the fat.

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