I think I may be allergic to Diet Mountain Dew.

This is a sadness.

I had experienced this bizarre lip-numbness and tingling last week, and I had a sneaking suspicion that the asp in the grass was DMD, so I tried cutting that out entirely this weekend.

Sadly, it worked.

No more numb lip.


See, I really enjoy drinking sodas.  I like caffeine.  I even have a pet name for caffeine: “Caffineine”  (The extra “in” makes all the difference.)

And now, alack.  Alack, alack.  Oh, well.  It’s not as though it was even good for me in the first place, right?  It was just nice to have a free pass to have something I enjoy.  On the whole, though, I suppose it’s better to have figured out what doesn’t work before I created some sort of palsy.

Guess I’ll go drink some more water.  Pretty sure I’m not allergic to that.


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