Blah Day


I stumbled out of bed today with a serious case of the Blahs.  I simply didn’t sleep well, and I was not ready for today to begin quite so… soon.

And then I had the daggers to my heart experience when I dropped my kids off for daycare at a “new” location.  See, I get to work today, and my kids have the day off school because of a teacher inservice.  So, I signed them up for their normal daycare all day today, but it’s at a different campus in their district.  I actually got them there on time and without any hiccups, but when I went to take them inside, the little one said, “I’m scared.”  The older one gave me sad puppy-dog eyes when I went to kiss her goodbye, and said, “Why do I have to stay all day?” 

You know, simply explaining that both their father and I have to work and we need a safe place to put them didn’t do the trick of alleviating the pain of that look.  Intellectually, I knew that the girls would probably have a great day once they forgot about having a bad one, but it didn’t make me feel any better about them being sad in the first place.


And so I started off writing about how it was a blah day, and I wound up having a really rather great day.  I was more productive than I’ve been in many days, actually getting things done on my To-Do list, working to finalize orders and take care of a billing discrepancy and really be “present” for the day. 

And now it’s a blustery cold but sunny day, and I’m going to take off and pick up my kids.  Tonight I’m going to see if they want to play a game before I try the Tuesday night yoga for the first time.  And, by golly, I’m going to read them some Harry Potter.


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