Up Early and Easily


You ever have one of those days where you plan to sleep in, you have given yourself complete permission to sleep in, it would be advisable to sleep in because you stayed up kind of late the night before, your spouse thinks that you’re going to sleep in, you don’t even set your alarm – and yet, you wake up early?  When I say early, I mean like five to ten minutes before you’d normally begin to suggest to your consciousness that getting out of bed would be a good idea on a work day?

Well, you guessed it – today was that day.  I think it may have largely been spurred by the fact that my husband and I were planning to switch cars for a time today, and I wasn’t 100% certain that I’d gotten everything I needed out of my car.  (I hadn’t.)  But the plus side was that I got to make breakfast for my husband (he won’t usually eat unless food is presented to him – otherwise he grabs an unhealthy snack that gives him calories but no nutrition), I got to sit down and really read the newspaper, I got to relax and enjoy my morning coffee, and I got to get all caught up on Facebook (which I have purposefully put as a low priority in my life this year).

I just feel at peace right now in my skin.

I know I have things I need to do, but I think I’ve got plenty of time in which to accomplish them, as opposed to my ground state of being, which is thinking I’ve got a lot of things to do and not enough time in which to do them.  That’s usually when I realize I have to let go of wanting to either get some things done or get them done to my standard.  My standards are usually pretty high, which is probably why I’m generally unsatisfied with myself.  There’s a bit of a disconnect between what I want to get done and what I get done, and I typically feel the chaos of that in my soul.

Today though, I feel pretty peaceful.

So, the big thing in my life right now is planning for my daughter’s birthday party.  It’s going to be a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone themed party, and I want it to be to my standard.  And last night, I got the biggest friend-gift I could imagine – a professional graphic designer took my idea to create chocolate frog trading cards and sat with me last night to create the most amazing cards you could possibly envision.  She had even done preliminary research, so it saved us search time.  She spent 3+ hours of her time to craft these little works of art, making sure that they would be quality, print them on both sides so that they aligned perfectly, and then used her own materials to print out these little chocolate frog cards for the party.

If it hadn’t been a labor of love, being that she adores Harry Potter and really likes my daughter and we’re friends, I would have felt there was a great disparity between the amount of time we spent creating these things and how much impact they’ll have on the party.  However, it was this really cool project that I, for one, will treasure forever – not just because it will make the party totally and completely awesome to have “real” chocolate frog cards, but because someone that talented and creative used her skills and showed me the process she would go through to create these masterpieces.

And if I ever thought I had a high standard?  Well, I was happy to just get them printed on both sides, but she re-did them until it was perfectly registered so that when you cut them out, there is no white around the edges.  And I was just thinking of making them like regular trading cards, but she made them pentagonal and added special effects to the edges and background so that these treasures look more like the ones from the movie than the ones you can buy at Universal Studios in Florida!  How do I know?  People who’ve bought the chocolate frogs (at $10 each!) have posted images online.

Part of me wants to find some way to reimburse her, to show my appreciation for her time and efforts, but I know that it was truly a gift, and that trying to compensate her would cheapen the impact of her gift of time and talent.  I know that, but I still feel indebted to her for her complete awesomeness.  I know that I will accept these graciously and just try to make sure that I am as good a friend to her as I can be.  I think that’s what I would like if I did something this awesome for someone else.

Well, so that’s the chocolate frogs.  We’re also going to have Diagon Alley, classes at Hogwarts, a feast in the Great Hall, and the movie.  That’s all probably grist for another post later.


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