A Good Day


Some days just seem to have that extra ease.  Things you’ve tried and tried before just seem to work.  Everything just sort of comes together without an extra fight.

Today is one of those days.

It just seemed as though from the moment my alarm went off today through the moment I am writing this that it seems to be a good day. 

Of course, it’s also Friday the 13th.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  Whatever the case, it’s been a great day.

I was up in plenty of time today and made pancakes for my kids and husband, got to have my coffee, got to read the paper, and even got out of the house earlier.  (And then remembered all the kids’ homework was on the table or the sofa and sent my husband madly dashing inside to retrieve it all.) 

We got the kids dropped off early, navigated through traffic handily, and got me dropped off to work extra early.  And I felt then as though I was buzzing – simply vibrating with good energy.  I found out how my friend gets her hair to look so amazingly good every day (Note to self: pick up Aussie leave-in spray conditioner and curl enhancer mousse), and I was on my game for dealing with other people.

It’s just one of those days when it feels good to be in my skin.  (Not like Monday.)

Perhaps one of the biggest things is that the stresses I’ve been under have been mostly handled.  The things that started going wrong early in the week have smoothed themselves out, and now I don’t have the worries.  I can use my energy to make progress instead of pick up the pieces from something that had broken.

Honestly, I think that’s one thing that defeats me so often – is when I seem to spend too much time trying to fix something instead of moving forward.  It’s as though I don’t want to be held in the past with something broken or unfinished; I want to make progress – I want to DO something. 

I guess that’s why it felt so good a few months ago to finally get rid of all the half-finished projects from the past 15 years and all the old stuff that was cluttering my life.  I didn’t need to mess with the old, unfinished or unstarted stuff – I needed to start fresh and have the chance to move forward. 

Maybe that’s also why not knowing what to do with something frustrates me so badly.  Because then I know I have to hang onto it until I know what to do with it.  It feels like I’m adding an extra piece of baggage, an extra weight to my shoulders with each unfinished task, with each stowed item or piled piece of paperwork.

I know lately I’ve been trying to set myself discrete tasks with a defined beginning and end – that way I can have task completion and a sense of accomplishment.  It’s been helping.


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