The World is A-Changin’


Well, today started off another week of Bob-less-ness, only the second time we’ve tried that this Spring.  The first went without a hitch – unless you count the fact that the car’s engine blew a rod.  Then ensued two weeks of single-car living, which left us all tired and drained.  Fortunately, we were able to get a replacement engine – along with most of a car – that could be transplanted into our car.  It was kind of neat to witness the process.  It was like “Pimp My Ride” meets “Frankenstein.”  I swear when the engine turned over in the little red racecar, my husband shouted, “It’s AH-LIIIIVE!”

So, down a car, up a car.

And then my old neighbors put on their crazy pants.  We go over to our other house – which the tenants had done nothing to help yard-wise – and get to work weeding, mowing, trimming, and basically tidying up.  And while I’m out doing all this yard work, the neighbors see me, even talk to me.  And then, BOOM!  The crazy was unleashed on my Facebook wall.  Crazy along the lines of “Why did you have your husband pull out the vine that was growing on the fence?  We told him we wanted to keep it!”  Riiiight.  Okay, so they found it necessary (helpful?) to publicly chastise my spouse for something I did that I didn’t even know they didn’t want done?  Yeah, now my brain hurts. So I let them know the vine was covering my gate, that it had thorns, and that I stopped at the stuff that was just growing across the front of my fence.  And then they deny all that.  Yup – it had no thorns.  It wasn’t covering my gate.  Nope.  Not at all.  I have no idea what I’m talking about.  Brilliant.  What do you even say to that when someone just flat out says you aren’t telling the truth?

Well, then they put up a gawdawful luau privacy fence between our properties over the chain link fence – oh, and it’s covering the rest of the vine – the stuff I didn’t pull.  And tell me how that little bit of lovely makes sense.

So then I get this Facebook message that they’re all upset that my sister-in-law let a cat loose when she left my property.  As though in reality that is something which I controlled.  And they tell me that this cat is terrorizing their cats, so that they can’t let their cats outside.  And they ask me to make sure that any future renters don’t release pets.  Seriously?  I have control over all this how?  So I respond, “Call animal control.”  ‘Cause, really, if you’re worried about a mean loose cat, that’s the group to call.  What was *I* supposed to be able to do about this cat?  The response I get?  “No.”  Great.  Well, that makes things easy. 

Short story long – I drop these people as Facebook friends.  When you act unfriendly on social media, don’t be surprised if you are “unfriended.”  Who needs to deal with psychos up close and personal anyway?

Also this week, a friend died.  The official story is that he died in a car wreck.  I just can’t imagine what kind of emotional pain he must have been in that death was the only answer.  That it was worth leaving a seven year old daughter without a dad.  I just don’t know enough of the story.  My heart aches for him and his family, though.

In related news, my dad had a heart attack and went in for stents in his heart.  Yeah, fun.

And I got back to work to find out that my coworker applied for a new job in a different place.  Not terribly surprising, but it would suck to lose her, because she does everything and knows everything – in a good way.  It would be hard to replace her.  I won’t hold her back or sabotage her efforts, but I really don’t like the idea of training someone new.



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