Falling behind


Well, at least my butt’s not sagging – it’s not that kind of falling behind!

I just feel as though there are not enough hours in my day – the day where I can get something productive accomplished.  Sure, there are 24 hours in the day, sure anyone can get something done in 24 hours, but my day is parsed into smaller segments.  I have the 30 minutes before the kids wake up time, the hour of getting everyone ready and out the door, the commute to work, w-o-r-k, the time right after work when I can’t leave but I’m ready to, the commute home, picking up the kids, making food happen, (maybe) work out, encouraging kids to go to bed, and then about an hour or so before I need to conk out.

So tonight I just stole some time.  I didn’t go work out (as I should have done), I didn’t really sit and read with my kids (books happened, but that was not exactly my doing), and I started working online long before the kids should have been put to bed (which meant that, in fact, the kids got to bed late – when will I learn?).

On the plus side, I have successfully retrieved my blogging email, established that I can see things on NetGalley, installed some Adobe product or another, written a long post on my library blog, and still played around on FB for a few minutes.  Oh, yeah – and I’m writing this post.

I’ve still got a billion things I need to do to be a responsible human being, but at least I have my lunch made for tomorrow.  Of course, I still have to get all the stuff ready for my daughter’s field trip, clean the kitchen, and do a couple of other things.  But, hey, at least my butt’s right where I left it.


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