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Early Morning Happy


Well, I’m not just jumping for joy, but I’ve got this great state of just general well-being.  Noticing that, it’s worth writing about.

I got up “early” – summertime early means any time before 8am, and was able to “Live Clean” by finishing yesterday’s tasks of yard work and getting things out to the trash before trash pick-up.  See, yesterday, we’d taken down a fence section, and I’d chopped down some evil vines and raked yard debris that previously was hidden by the fence.  Today, I was able to finish the job and strip some more vines from the standing fence line, get it all tucked into trash bins, and put away the tools.  It felt good.  Oh, and water the lawn, which was doing an impression of a west Texas dry plain.

I also made a great breakfast – homemade waffles for one child and husband (I realize that the way I said that may imply that I have extra husbands… Hmmm…. interesting concept), Malt-O-Meal for one child, and an omelet of sauteed mushrooms, onions, and egg whites for myself, garnished with diced tomatoes and avocado.  Pair that with delicious hazelnut coffee, and that’s a recipe for happiness.
Now I’m off to get new tennis shoes for me, search out shoes for the oldest child (I swear she lies awake at night gnawing on the shoes to wear through them as quickly as she does), and swing by work to get my bearings and start prepping my head for the upcoming year.
Sounds like it’s going to be a good day.


Live Clean


Well, the other night it was quite amusing, because after months of not blogging at all, I sat down to write about starting up again… and the computer shut down mid-start of the post.

Tonight, I was half-way through the above sentence when I was attacked by small children.

As you can see, blogging is fraught with peril in my household.

What had inspired me to begin again was my renewed determination to adhere to my meal plan and trim down before the start of school.  Today is day three of the plan, the last preparation day, and thankfully the last day of jamming as much red meat in my body as I possibly can.  I swear, starting this always sounds really great, because when else do I ever buy steak?  It sounds kind of like a treat to just be able to eat as much as you can and still lose weight.  And then, ‘long about the middle of day two, you think Seriously? I still have to eat something? I think I’m going to puke!  And day three, you’re just powering through this mess of meat, hoping against hope for some real carbs.

I’ve kept a small record of progress so far, though, so that I know it’s real progress.  In October, I was at 189.5 lbs.  In June, I was at 166.5.  Today, I was at 164.5.  It’s not my documented lowest weight – that was under 160 – but the encouraging part is that is my lowest documented *start* weight.  So, as long as I don’t go ape crazy, I will only get trimmer.

I saw this woman today at the pool whose body was just an inspiration.  She had this completely muscled physique, and I wanted to go up to her and ask her what she did – just one little pointer to get me started on the right track.  When I did approach her, I realized that I knew her – and she knew me – and that I had taken a group exercise class that she teaches.  Fortunately, I was able to glean a nugget of gold – that her recommendation was to increase cardio workouts.  That was actually reassuring, because that was the conclusion I’d reached by myself.

Now the real test will be what I can do to maintain a workout schedule when school starts.  I’m just going to have to make it a priority to map out the group classes and get to them.  I just do so much better with a group than on my own.  I’m naturally competitive, and seeing someone do better than me just makes me want to try to keep up.

The part I was most excited to post about, however, was my new mantra, “Live Clean.”

Living Clean means basically doing the stuff I’ve never been good at: putting things where they belong immediately and cleaning up after myself immediately.  Leave no mess.  Have you any idea how difficult that is for a trained hoarder?  Have you any concept how much of a step that is for me?

Well, I had this epiphany this past week while I was camping in Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo.  I was by myself – for perhaps the first time in my life – and I was realizing that I can keep things so that they don’t drive me crazy.  I can create a system for organization so that I can find things when I need them, so that I don’t waste time and drive myself insane looking for something I just had my hands on.  I realized I needed to “Live Clean.”

It starts off simple – just keeping things tidy and organized for myself, and trying to get my kids and husband to help with that around the house, but it’s really so much more.  I haven’t wanted to delve all the way into it yet, because I know I need to take baby steps, that I need to accomplish some part of it to build a foundation before I make it an integral part of my whole life.  But it’s begun to sneak in through the cracks.  It made me restart my meal plan.  I figured, Hey, if I’m really “Living Clean,” I need to clean up my food choices and start getting where I want to be.

Well, my kids and husband are both dying for my attention (yeah, always when I sit down to actually try to type something coherent), and I can’t focus on making this pithy or well-written.  I can, however, get it posted.