Monthly Archives: August 2012

Getting Out of My Own Head


My goal for today is to get out of my own head.

Sound crazy?

Well, I realized that I’ve been bugged by things lately and have been composing responses in my own head.  It’s been filling up my “here and now” with anxiety, trying to come up with something to say that I won’t later regret.  Then, while I was cleaning in the kitchen (I have my best thoughts while doing something active), I noticed that I was “thinking” and not “being.”  I had ceased to live in the moment; I had stopped appreciating the present and instead was wrapping myself in a cocoon of words.

I then decided that I needed to just appreciate the moment in which I found myself and plan to re-read my Pema Chodron.  It fascinates me how much an Eastern philosophical approach to living really soothes the soul.  I see no conflict in embracing most aspects of Buddhism while maintaining my fundamental Christian beliefs.  In many respects, the two teach the same moral grounding.  The part which helps me most in a Buddhist approach is accepting that I can be the instrument of my own change, that my outlook can affect those around me.  Am I becoming Buddhist?  No.  I just appreciate the idea of spreading joy instead of hate, tolerance instead of bigotry.

The thing that has been preying on my mind is that there is so much a sense of moral superiority expressed by people who are heterosexual, white, Christian, middle-class.  I just don’t get it.  Is it just fear?  Why are people so afraid to be tolerant?

Apparently, “love” is a four-letter word in today’s society.