Monthly Archives: January 2013

Stealing time


So I’m just stealing time from myself right now to write this, but I realize that unless I do steal time, I will never, ever write anything that floats through my head as a potential post.

I may not even be able to edit or make this anything more than rambling because I just need to get it down before I have to go. 

I’m at work, after hours, and decided to check up on email and stuff before I got in the car (rather than on the highway, which in my addle-pated mind is the PERFECT time to check email *sigh*), and I saw an updated blog post from my BFF, and I realized that I haven’t written anything in a week.  Not actually physically written anything.  I’ve thought the thoughts, but not dotted the dots.  Or whatever.  It hasn’t happened.  And that’s because I never steal the time to sit down and write.

Things I have stolen time to do lately:

  • go to yoga
  • clean the house
  • take care of pets
  • watch stuff on Netflix, lately “Touch” the TV series
  • go to Girl Scout meetings
  • try to learn about the credit-card swipers that people can use this year for cookies
  • get extra work stuff done on my own time
  • work on my second house to get it ready to rent
  • meet with friends for coffee
  • read out loud to my kids
  • go shopping and buy healthy food
  • check and post stuff on Facebook (although this week, I’m choosing to be less active on that)

Things I need to steal time to do:

  • go to yoga, but this time at the wacky new times they offer
  • do laundry (yuck!) but really, now I’m digging in the clean laundry baskets for underwear, and that’s just never good
  • write
  • do art
  • write letters to all of these people I’ve been meaning to write to
  • store the Christmas stuff in the attic instead of in boxes in the craft room
  • get my hair cut
  • go to the doctor for a check-up
  • go to the dentist
  • go for a walk in a beautiful place
  • read a good book
  • read with my kids
  • set up Girl Scout cookie booth sales
  • make lunches the night before

And now?  Now I need to steal the time to drive through the wet streets to pick up my kids, feed them, do homework, chores, etc., and still get to the yoga class I want to attend.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Happy Old Year!



Can I just say that I’m glad it’s over?

I have a lot of great memories, but 2012 was rough.  There was so much going on.  I’m just glad to see it in the rearview mirror and look forward to a better year.

Before I went through the marathon process of logging in – I had forgotten my password – I had a whole bunch of things I had already mentally composed.  Now I’m just fatigued.  I’m just ready to surf Pinterest some more and call it a year.

Although that does remind me of one major thought I’d had: if you ever want to see the depths some people will plumb in an effort to be completely tasteless, just type in “zebra print” on Pinterest.

As for resolutions, I’m pretty sure I tanked on last year’s.  I need to either be less ambitious or more disciplined.  I’ll probably choose the former.  Really, I’ve tried doing a whole bunch of stuff, and it makes me feel great for a while, but then I just don’t get it done, and I feel like a failure.  So what’s the point?  Instead, I just need to focus on like one major thing that I can do as my real resolution.  I can change other stuff, and that will be just gravy – just extra goodness, but I need to stick to my guns and stick with one really important thing.  The best I can say is that I didn’t gain a bunch of weight this year.  I maintained.  I got stronger and more flexible.  I learned some limits.  I tried something new – and I succeeded at it.  I supported my kids in trying something new.  I supported my husband in his professional growth.

I already know that I’m going to simplify this year.  I’m going to give up some leadership positions and just try to focus on doing one or two things well instead of trying to do everything.  I’m going to volunteer to help, but not to lead as much this year.  What I do continue to lead, I want to do really well.  If something doesn’t light up my life with joy, I’m going to drop it.  I’m in my 30’s, and I need to make sure I enjoy this time.  I need to make the most of it, my youth, my energy, my time with my family.  I don’t need to ruin it by being constantly stressed.

On the other hand, I’m also working on developing or rekindling some relationships with friends. I realized that I need to put in some effort to maintain relationships with my friends.  Just posting on Facebook isn’t enough.  I need to put in face time as well as Facebook time.

And I’m working on getting my life in order with finances.  That’s just a mess right now.  An absolute, stress-ridden, wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat mess.  I guess that’s going to be my biggest focus for 2013: getting a handle on my future by tackling the financial mess in which I’ve tangled myself.