New Beginnings


I laughed out loud when I read my last post. 

It was written in November of last year, about two weeks after my life took the biggest plot twist I’ve yet to experience.  

Then, in the midst of blogging, my computer kicked me off, and I couldn’t post.  

And then I didn’t want to.

Oh, sure, I wrote.  I kept a journal.  I spilled my spleen in words.

But I didn’t blog.

I don’t think I wanted all of it out there, out where anyone could see it.

And now I’m ready.

So, I’m going to work to get the pieces of my story together.  I’m going to work to put all the weird things that happened in some sort of logical *snort*cough* order, and then I’m going to look back at all of it and laugh.  

And I can laugh, now.  

Well, to be sure, I could laugh at the absurdity of it at the time, but now I can laugh without rancor.  I can laugh with good humor.  But that’s because I know the “end.”  I know how it all works out – for now.  

So now I’m ready.


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