Wedding Dress?


The order arrived today. 

I suppose I should put exclamations marks after that last.  It did, after all, contain the dress I was thinking of using for my wedding.

It’s just that it seems presumptuous of me to do this on my own, without input from the prospective groom.  

And how, exactly, does one get input from someone who doesn’t want to be “a detail person?” 

So, the box came, and I met the postal carrier and skipped off with the girls to the far side of the house to try everything on.  

The girls looked radiant in their dresses.  They were absolutely perfect, save for the fact that my younger daughter wanted her dress to fit perfectly for today, not perfectly for next year.

My dress?  Well, it was perfectly white, and simple, and exactly like the picture.  

And that was sort of the problem.  

Because he’d told me that he wanted to be a little more formal than shorts.  

Yeah. This dress was above the knee in the front, with a high-low effect.  It was simple in the extreme.  

So how would he react?

Well, we got ourselves all straightened out and went to surprise him – just as he was coming out of his office, so he saw us before we were ready.  Then we all hid behind various pillars (very mature, I know) and he very gentlemanly-ish turned around and said, “Aren’t I not supposed to see that until the wedding day?”  So, yeah, he knew what was up.

And he said nice things, even though he wasn’t feeling well at all.  He’s good like that.  But he’s also hard to get a read on if that is something he’d like to have as his bride’s wedding dress.  Which I guess is all just academic.  I mean, he said it best, “You’re wearing it, so I love it.”

And I really did look pretty amazing in it.  I just couldn’t see my whole self because he lacks a full-length mirror.  So I don’t exactly know.

Anyhow, regardless, it was $18.90 for the dress, and I really love it.  It’s the kind of thing I’ve wanted all summer, so it’s not as though it was money wasted.  

Besides, when he talked about it some more, he said, “It’s not like you want a train on a sailboat.”

So maybe he liked it.  Or maybe it’ll grow on him.

Personally, I like the caché of being able to claim that I got my wedding dress for less than $19, and I can wear it all summer afterwards.  That’s the sort of thing that makes me happy.  My prom dress was like $20, and I’ve gotten years of mileage out of that.  Most of the jewelry I buy is el-cheapo, but looks smashing or attractively unique.  For instance, my most recent acquisition was a green and black heart-shaped glass pendant and earring set to match the dress I’d gotten in Cozumel – and this set cost all of – get this – $2.  Yeah, I’m that kind of girl.

I guess I’ve only got two issues with the dress:

  1. Is it too simple?
  2. Is the fact that it’s white and the girls’ dresses are ivory going to be a problem? (I was playing around with the idea of giving it a coffee bath to tone it down a notch from its brilliance, but was afraid I’d really mess it up.  Besides, is it necessary?)

So, I’ve got a dress.  I’ve got bridesmaid dresses for my girls.  I’ve got a groom.  I guess I’ve pretty much got “everything.”

PS – I told my BFF/adopted sister that she could wear anything she wants.  I just Googled “mismatched beach wedding attire” and fell in love with everyone wearing something they personally like within a color range.  So I’m thinking that my color range will be the Tanzanite and Black Opal (Turquoise Blue & Green) – basically Teal, Turquoise, Green, Blue, and Purple – the colors of the Caribbean.  

(I tried to upload a picture of the engagement ring, but WordPress hates me right now)



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