Let them eat cake!


So I was kind of dreading asking my fiancé about the wedding cake.  I mean, he’d already had a minor explosion over the whole concept of a reception anyway, and cake can be a trivial detail.  It’s just that I like to start getting the details in my head so that I’m calmer.

We were in the car, driving back on a two-hour return trip from diving at an area lake, and I broached the subject.  

Lo and behold, this boy likes his cake!  He knows cake.  He orders cake.  He is something of a cake aficionado.  And he knew exactly what he did and didn’t want.  HOW FREAKIN’ EASY IS THAT?  BOO-YEAH!

Honestly, his biggest issue was trying to figure out a way to NOT have his sister-in-law make the wedding cake.  Oh, I can handle that.  It’s not even the argument that she’d have a hard time getting it to travel well on a five hour commute (there are ways around that problem!), but to

a) let her know that our primary goal was to have the least stress for everyone involved, which meant that we would want them to show up and have a good time without having to plan or do much of anything,

and b) ask her to make the reception cake or cupcakes.  

Anyhow, he knew that he would order a cake from Whole Foods that served the 30 people we intended to have at the party.  He waxed eloquent on the fact that everything would be all-natural, fresh, no artificial colors, and delicious.  So yesterday, we went on a field trip to Whole Foods to check out their bakery offerings, and they did look scrumptious.  (In fact, the only thing that kept us from buying up the whole bakery case was the sure and certain knowledge that he was baking banana bread when we got back to his house.)

Then I got to thinking about it and wondering if the cakes would be over-the-top expensive for having been made at Whole Foods (I have come to think from talking to people that Whole Foods actually translates to “Whole Paycheck” for cost).  So this morning I was playing around online and found their catering menu.  Their cakes are actually reasonably priced!  

I mean, I don’t exactly know how much most wedding cakes cost people, but I know that regular, run-of-the mill special order cakes can be over $100 in nothing flat.  And that’s just for a kid’s birthday party.

These cakes were less than $50 to feed 30 people.

Holy mackerel!  

Now that’s something I can sink my teeth into.


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