The Keurig Curse


I drink coffee.

I like coffee.

If I’m at home, I have a pot in the morning and a pot at night, basically.

And I am happy.

However, at my fiancé’s house, he doesn’t have a coffee pot.

This does not mean I live without coffee. This just means that I drink expensive coffee. Because he has a Keurig. Which means that you must commit to a cup of coffee – one cup at a time.  There is no “topping up.” There is no “finishing off the pot.” There is a single cup. And they cost anywhere from 40 cents to 75 cents each.

To people who do not drink a lot of coffee, this is no major consideration. 

To me, it’s a line item on my budget.

I feel like a drug addict going to a pusher when I grocery shop these days. Do you have any K-cups? How much? If I get the 18 pack, is there a price break? Do you have hazelnut?

I can spend ten bucks at home and have coffee for a month and a half. 

I spend ten bucks on K-cups to eek me through a scant week.

That’s maybe the only real reason I’m looking forward to seeing my $9 Wal-Mart coffee pot. I may not have to sell a kidney to afford my coffee.


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