Did the weigh-in today for the 90 Day Challenge (90DC). Today is full of numbers, plans, and theories.

It was both better and worse than I’d expected. 

Let’s start with the worse: My weight was 156.3 


Admittedly, last year I would have jumped for joy to be at 156. This year, I had a taste of being under 140, if only for a couple of days. It was a heady experience. One I’d like to repeat sooner rather than later.

My lean body mass is 120.6 

O-kay. I guess that means that I could conceivably reduce my overall weight by reducing the amount of water 88.6 lbs (any bloating or inflammation or just excess water retention) but that it would not be particularly reasonable for me to expect to get much below 135 total body weight.

My body fat is 35.7 lbs

That’s good news because that is something I can target and reduce with strength training, menu control, and exercise.  It gives me a good target for transformation.

My percentage body fat is 22.8%

That’s the number that’s going to be crucial for the transformation challenge. Looking at the body fat weight and the percentage body fat, my goal needs to be to transform about 16 lbs fat into something else – muscle, etc. That would be a 45% transformation, bringing my percentage body fat to 12.54%.  I don’t know how realistic that is for me, so I think I should aim for 16% as my happy goal, or 25.05 lbs fat, unless my math is fuzzy.

So ideally, my twin goals are to reduce total body weight and cut my total body fat by one third.

The path right now looks like trying to figure out which zone I should aim for when working out to burn fat instead of sugar, to pay attention to incorporating good Omega 3 fats, and to increase muscle with strength training and increased time under tension.

And then the “MyPlan” part of the program recommended this:

  • Focus on getting ample protein at every meal
  • Fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables for every meal
  • If not used to preparing food, use more pre-packaged foods (frozen or pre-cut veggies, etc.) for convenience
  • Stop eating when satisfied or approximately 80% full
  • Choose only main dishes with fewer than 5 ingredients
  • Consume at least a half-plate full of colorful vegetables, every day
  • Eat protein every 3-5 hours while awake, depending on hunger
  • Emphasize healthy fats to help control training-induced inflammation
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water per day (about 100oz)
  • Limit caffeine to 1 cup of coffee per day
  • Limit alcohol to fewer than 3 drinks per week
  • Take specific supplements determined by your metabolic chemistry (lab work)

I had to put the blasphemy in bold. Limit my coffee? Are you people FREAKING NUTS? I was so totally on board with the whole thing until then. But this plan attacked my coffee. It’s the one thing that keeps me from drinking soda.

Protein? Check.

Non-starchy vegetables? No problem.

Stop eating sooner? Yeah, I need to work on that, especially after a night like tonight when I ate WAY too much watermelon. I am now the bloated gaseous queen of noxiousness. Too much watermelon = BAD.

Simple main dishes? Dude, my middle name is Simple.

Colorful veggies and protein? Didn’t we already address those? Check and check.

Healthy fats? Going to work on more Omega 3s.

Water? Eh, I have a love/hate relationship with water. Every now and then I hate drinking water; the rest of the time I love it. There are some times when I can guarantee I’ll drink the requisite amount of water – in the hot tub, in the bath tub, in the car on the way home, and apparently late night blogging.

Coffee limit? Grumble grumble grumble. I’m going to see about that. I think I can do this without giving up that vice.

Alcohol limit? No problem, really. I enjoy drinking, but I am going to go Whole30, and that takes out alcohol anyway.

Supplements? Well, I’d need to do those tests. That gets pricey. I’m not sure I’m going to put the money aside for that this time. 

So basically it’s got good ideas.  

And I really started my plan today. I tricked out my breakfast with eggs, El Salvadoran coleslaw, picante sauce, blueberries, and coffee – 250-300 calories. Morning snack was a Granny Smith apple and coffee – 100-150 calories. Lunch was a Market Salad from Chick-Fil-A and coffee – 200 calories. Post-work-out snack was a protein bar – 170 calories. Dinner was eggs, cabbage, cauliflower – 250 calories, and watermelon – yikes calories.  I think I did okay, probably staying in the realm of 1500 calories for the day.



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  1. Where do you go to get all these fabulous numbery things? I want some of my own. I am guessing it is at your gym, which is making me sad. My little gym is un-gym-like (hence why I love it), so there are no numbers there.


    I am dying with laughter. Seriously. Dying. The kids are asking what’s wrong and stuff is coming out my nose. Thank you for the much needed de-clogging of my sinus cavities.

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